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I'm Available

Hi! I’m Kristi. Long ago, when I had no idea what to study in college, my parents encouraged me be an artist. “You have a gift,” they said (or were they just crossing their fingers I would graduate?).  Many artists have come before me on my father’s side of the family. He was a dentist and carving on teeth is sort of an art, right?


I am good at a lot of things and great at the things that count – my job and being a daughter and friend. Graphic Designer describes my profession and my calling, but there’s more to me than that. I’m a friend, non-profit junkie, river rat, Airstream enthusiast, and avid traveler.  I like cats too and if you happen upon my Instagram account, you’ll see evidence of this in the form of my Himalayan fluffball, Knute.


I have worked as a designer since the week I graduated from college – more than 27 years ago (gasp!).  I’ve had jobs in a hospital, a printing company, an advertising agency, an in-house marketing department, and a wholesale hardware company. I’ve designed logos, business cards, brochures, directories, manuals, and forms, just to name a few. If it’s a project that requires graphic design, I’ve probably done it.


While I’ve freelanced off and on my entire career, I’m now making it my full-time work. I’m excited about launching my own business and would love to work with you!

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